Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daphne Gulland


by Daphne Gulland


Sparkling blue seas

And fluffy white clouds

High up on a hill

Surrounded by trees

A mighty magician once stood.

Merlin was his name

And his home was the wood.

It was a wild wood

And dangerous for his foe.

But for Merlin it was safe,

He knew where to go.

He is still there today

You just have to call him.

Show him respect

And deep love

For his trees

And he will transport you

Through the mists of time

To his famous stone circle

Where you may stand with him

And cast a spell

That with Mother Earth

All may be well.

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  1. Daphne Gulland has written the “Penguin Dictionary of English Idioms” together with David Hinds-Howell and
    “Bildliche Redewendungen – Englisch” for the German publisher, Langenscheidt. She enjoys writing poems, inventing
    English language games for children and writing articles for her website: www.saltcross.com
    She has just finished translating the best-selling German book: “2012, The Prophecies of the Crystal Skull,
    Corazon de Luz” by Karin Tag into English.


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