Thursday, September 30, 2010

1st Cooinda Pathfinders from Naitaka District Girl Guides...

We created collages with little pieces of printed paper and be continued next week...:O)

artworks to be published soon.....

New Moon Student Submissions...:O)

Array of materials used...:O)
Pastel, Ink, Watercolour, Acrylic, Crayon.
Original Masterpieces swinging their way to a new home soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Creating Art...:O)

Cool Arts!
 loved much fun. Cool Arts Artists created unique and wonderful artworks for Papergirl Kelowna!!

Thank you for sharing with me...:O)

 New Moon Gallery
 Linda Lovisa and her students, created
 original artworks for Papergirl Kelowna.

Will post the wonderful contributions very soon. Also, painted my very first watercolour today at the New Moon....:o)
Thanks to Dorothy (Westside Weekly) for attending. Thanks to Linda for supplying the implements!..

Saturday, September 25, 2010

saturday sun came early one morning...

Introducing 2 fabulous artists and contributers to 'Papergirl Kelowna'.....:O)...Hurrah-ness!!
Cathy Penn 
designer and artist in a multitude of wonderful artworks who loves the colour turquoise...:O)

Hellmut Preiss 
Hellmut's website consists of beautiful and imaginative art images

Thursday, September 23, 2010

announcements of more love lees...:O)

contributing artists 'Papergirl Kelowna'...x

Lauri Copeman

and Judy Pedersen...beautiful photography located at New Moon Gallery, West Kelowna, BC, V4T 2B4, Canada.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you Daphne for permission to distribute you poems for Papergirl Kelowna...:O)

by Daphne Gulland

I’m standing here in my

Circle of stone

For this here is my

Spiritual home.

The waves do splash

And whip against the cliffs.

The winds do howl

And roar and wail.

I’m standing here in my

Circle of stone

For this here is my spiritual home.

The gulls do fly

Across the sky.

The deer do fleet

From tree to tree.

Life goes on

And on and on.

Kings and queens do come and go

But I stay here in my

Circle of stone

For this here is my spiritual home.

Friday, September 17, 2010

papergirl kelowna to papergirl san francisco...:O)

Happy Day To You!

flowery announcements of the day(s)...:O))

introducing new contributing artists....
Mandevilla Vine by Allan Gill

Cool Arts

submitting signed band poster art...:O)
Special thanks to Claire Sokoloski and her Girl Guide Group, pathfinders fromThe Cooindars from Naitaka District.....for inviting me to their papergirl art session in the near future...:O)....
and Angela Bonten for all your enthusiasm, and for offering to host a art creation drop-in class on Saturday the 16th of October at the Rotary Centre For The Arts...also for the submission of your own art...details to follow...
Happy Times!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

more tidings of good news....

Studio Eleven (hot funk instrumental jazz musicians)...will be playing live at Papergirl kelowna!...Yiphee!!

Modern Woman trois

arty visits....:O)

beautiful bear sculpture, lake country, bc.
(a little true tale by me...walk up street, see bear rummaging through rubbish bin, walk briskly back up street, close gate...:O)) 

Fun and inspired ideas at Artwalk Lake Country at the weekend... (, discovered some wonderful artists.

Peachland Fall Fair was lots of fun too...
fully looking foward to entering my collection of fruit preserves next year....:O) and croppage of baby beets...

Friday, September 10, 2010

bits and bobs...and papergirl submissions...:O)

Papergirl submissions.....Sarah Parsons (the modern woman deux) and Linda Lovisa (beautiful original painted textile)...:O)
Papergirl Kelowna will display a fabulous array of Children's art on Saturday the 16th at the Rotary Centre for the arts  ......
Thanks John Whittalll  for contributing so many wonderful images of your fabulous wildlife photography and your joyful embellished many happies....:O)