Friday, September 17, 2010

flowery announcements of the day(s)...:O))

introducing new contributing artists....
Mandevilla Vine by Allan Gill

Cool Arts

submitting signed band poster art...:O)
Special thanks to Claire Sokoloski and her Girl Guide Group, pathfinders fromThe Cooindars from Naitaka District.....for inviting me to their papergirl art session in the near future...:O)....
and Angela Bonten for all your enthusiasm, and for offering to host a art creation drop-in class on Saturday the 16th of October at the Rotary Centre For The Arts...also for the submission of your own art...details to follow...
Happy Times!!

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  1. Hi all, its Sticks here form the above mentioned AcSiA. We are sending over a signed poster of our band and also on the 16th October we will be performing at a charity bash in aid of Help for Heroes. Any donations of art work towards to auction off at this event would be appreciated enormously! get in touch via our website if you would like to help out :)


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