Monday, July 26, 2010

something about a monday......

hurrah!! more visions of me riding a bicycle alone with precisely 3000 pieces of donated art strapped to every sustainable part of my body!!!! friends are wonderful,  glorious and perhaps easily acceptable to bribes of the vineyard variety and a little dancing.... but regardless,  thank you esther and roberta very, very much for agreeing to offer your services...your hearts are kind and warming...and i am lucky...:O)...and that is just the beginning, there will be many, many more tales of people giving up their time, helping their hands,  and offering knowledge of all kinds, about art and other such useful devices...:0))

thank you to John Whittall to be the first artist to contact me freely about the submission of art...:o)..we will be so very glad to have johns art in our unique and diverse gallery.... for more info on johns art ... www.

                                                            beautiful humming bird by john....

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